How it works

This web-site is based on a pretty long list computer vision techs such as: Machine learning image classification, Optical Character Recognition and etc. On the backend we analyze twitch's past broadcasts for the top 100 most popular Apex Legends and PUBG English streamers on a daily basis.

What kind of things are you ANALYZING?

Currently all events that happened and are showed on the main screen via text messages in the game. For example: {killer} knocked out {victim} by headshot with {method} or {killer} killed {victim} with vehicle explosion.

Why did you do it?

That's fun to know that you've played with a famous person. And it will be very disappointing to kill famous streamer and miss that. Now you can try to find that later and share that fun episode with friends.

How I can support?

Feel free to support me and cover hosting through the PayPal.

Credits and Thanks

  • Twitch analytics and list of top streamers
  • for nice api and great resource with video content. I hope they will be happy to get additional viewers.


Feel free to reach me: